1Co 15:45 So also it has been written, "The" first "man", Adam, "became a living soul;" the last Adam a life-giving Spirit.

The first Adam was not just a soul but a living soul. He lost that life when He ate of the fruit. The bible has repeating pictures, this is why Paul compares the first Adam to Messiah.

Adam had life breathed (or Holy Spirited) into Him, as Mary did. It says in Hebrew the God took from Adam's side to form Eve His bride. Eve became a living soul, getting life from Adam's side.

When our savior was on the cross, a roman soldier put a sword in His side, and out flowed blood and water, so God could form us into Messiah's Bride.

The First Covenant, animal blood mixed with water was used. The Second or New Covenant was made with Messiah's blood.


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