Death in Adam and Life in Messiah


Romans Chapter 5. Death in Adam and life in Messiah

   The first thing to understand is the Hebrew word used in the New Testament or Covenant for law can be the word Torah, which means Instruction. Torah is first used in Gen 26:5 telling us Abraham kept Torah. Gal 3:17 says the law came 430 years After the Promise made to Abraham.

   The second is understanding Justification and Sanctification. Paul is talking to people that had the understanding, You have to Sanctify yourself first to be Justified to come before God. This is why they had a problem understanding that after Messiah's Death it is now reversed.

      We are now Justified by faith to come before God, and then are to be Sanctified, by His Blood through the Holy Spirit! His Blood is the blood of the New Covenant. We are to be born again, a child of Abraham, Into the promise of Messiah's New Covenant.

   The third is the word sin, it means the breaking of God's Instruction, or law. Note: This is why God said, Man when He created them was good, because they didn't have knowledge  of the Law. Note: sin was in the world before Adam ate the fruit. What changed was that law came in, not nature change.

   Paul explains, through one man sin entered the world, that one man was Adam. And sin came into the world because of what Adam did. We have to understand what Paul says next, “Sin was in the world before the Law, but wasn't counted as sin, because there was no Law”.

   This is why he says, Adam's transgression, for Adam to have committed a sin there would have had to be a law for him to break. Paul says “death reigned from Adam until Moses”. Why Moses and not Messiah? Death reigned because sin needed atoned for.

   God through Moses provided the Day of Atonement in the Law. The Law came in beside the sin. The more they sinned, the more grace abounded through Atonement. Atonement is a temporary covering of sin, not the taking away of sin in Messiah.

   People did not receive a sinful nature from Adam eating from the fruit. Remember, Paul said sin was in the world before Adam ate of the fruit, but we received the Law, or what I believe was the Ten Commandment Covenant.

    It never says the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil was bad. Adam was not to eat from it because any breaking of the Law would be counted as sin, and sin brings death.

   2Co 3:6-7  who also made us sufficient as ministers of a New Covenant; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

    But if the ministration of death, written, and engraven on stones, came with glory, so that the children of Israel could not look stedfastly upon the face of Moses for the glory of his face; which glory was passing away:

   I believe the Tree of Life was Messiah's death on the Cross, the New Covenant. This is why God put Adam out of the Garden before he could eat that fruit and live forever. 

   In Rev 22:2 it says on either side of the river was the Tree of Life. Notice, that's two Trees. Only with Messiah's death does the Knowledge of Good and Evil, (the words of the Covenant), have life.

   Paul is trying to show them it's the law that produces sin. The Law says not to covet, and that, brings all kinds of coveting. Notice the Law or Instruction he quotes is in the Covenant. They know they need a fix to this problem of sin and death.

   Paul is explaining Messiah's Death was the fix, but like Jew's today and most Messianic Jews teach, the law is the fix to the problem! They can't see their fix (the Law without Messiah)  is the problem. 

   They will say Jews can be saved without Messiah if they follow the Law. They will point to the Torah Scroll and say it is a Tree of Life. The Torah Scroll is just the Knowledge of good and Evil without Messiah. It is our school master to bring us to Messiah.

   Sadly, now some will say, Joseph was Y'shua's biological father so He fits into the religion Judaism idea of what they think Messiah will be.

1 Cor 15:45 also it has been written, "The" first "man", Adam, "became a living soul;" the last Adam a life-giving Spirit.

   The first Adam was not just a soul but a living soul. 1 Cor 15:45 also it has been written, "The first man Adam, became a living soul, the last Adam a Life giving Spirit",

   He lost that life when He ate of the fruit. The bible has repeating pictures, this is why Paul compares the first Adam to Messiah.

   Adam had life breathed (or Holy Spirited) into Him, just as Mary had the Holy Spirit put into her to go into Y'shua. 

   It says in Hebrew the God took from Adam's side to form Eve His bride. Eve became a living soul, getting life from Adam's side.

   When our savior was on the cross, a roman soldier put a sword in His side, and out flowed blood and water, so God could form us into Messiah's Bride.

   The First Covenant, animal blood mixed with water was used. The Second or New Covenant was made with Messiah's blood.


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