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   Before you look at this post,  please, understand that the Gospels were not written to gentiles.  It was written to Abraham's children, and the lost house of Israel.

Mat 10:5  These twelve Y'shua sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not:

   Messiah came to the lost house of Israel, Descendants of Jacob, Not a government.  So when you study, you have to know history,  and how words were used in that time. They had baptism it was called a mikvah.  Born again was a word used for gentiles grafting into Abraham, and  the faith in his God .

Please note: That Abraham's children,  looking for their Redeemer, Got it wrong and even said crucified Him.  So as non children of Abraham, We have to search and see if we are getting it wrong also.

Not knowing their man made rules, You even miss what the first miracle was about.      The stone pots were for their hand washing, to show their Righteousness. Filling them just to the brim and not overflowing made it …