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Ark is picture of Us

  The early Hebrew language was Paleo. Letters were pictures. This is why many stories and teachings are a picture we are to see. Take the Ark of the Covenant, it contained the 10 Commandments, or Covenant. On top of the Ark was a Mercy Seat. There the Spirit of God was on top of the Ark, that had the Covenant inside. Blood was taken into the Most Holy Place, to Atone for the sin's or breaking of the Covenant. Now we are to be the Ark. It's our bodies that is to contain the New Covenant. It was Atoned with Messiah's blood. His Mercy and Spirit is over us like God's was over the Mercy Seat. He is the head of the Congregation.

Mark of the Beast

  Mark of the Beast To understand the mark of the Beast, you need to find it in the first Covenant or Old Testament. Also when you read scripture it could be Spiritual or Physical. The Mark is spiritual. To loose your Spiritual salvation, it would have to be a physical Commandment, that if broken would require you to be put to death. So you have to look for something that you bind to your forehead and hand. We are told to bind the Words of the Covenant to our forehead and hand. Remember the New Covenant is make in Messiah's Blood, and He is the Word. Most people will except the Blood and not the Words The Israelite's were in the Covenant before building the Golden Calf, or Beast. They were to be Priests and not under a Levitical Priesthood. Remember that Messiah said this Beast system could fool the very elect. So the Beast and Anti Christ or Anointed one, would fool Israelite's, even one's believing in Messiah. Revelation says the First B