Mark of the Beast


Mark of the Beast

To understand the mark of the Beast, you need to find it in the first Covenant or Old Testament. Also when you read scripture it could be Spiritual or Physical. The Mark is spiritual.

To loose your Spiritual salvation, it would have to be a physical Commandment, that if broken would require you to be put to death. So you have to look for something that you bind to your forehead and hand.

We are told to bind the Words of the Covenant to our forehead and hand. Remember the New Covenant is make in Messiah's Blood, and He is the Word. Most people will except the Blood and not the Words

The Israelite's were in the Covenant before building the Golden Calf, or Beast. They were to be Priests and not under a Levitical Priesthood. Remember that Messiah said this Beast system could fool the very elect. So the Beast and Anti Christ or Anointed one, would fool Israelite's, even one's believing in Messiah.

Revelation says the First Beast suffers a deadly wound. When Messiah died and the New Covenant started, Judaism lost their Day of Atonement and suffered a Spiritual Death. The second Beast brought life to the image of the of the first Beast.

The life was Messiah, Messianic Judaism. They tell people to do the works of the first beast, Works of the Levitial Law. They will say the Scripture about binding the Covenant to your hand and forehead and say they will bind the Law instead. No one can be saved by the works of the Law.

We are saved by grace, but now being saved by grace, we should want to live out the words of the Covenant. 

    The Anti Christ will say he is anointed as high priest, not that he is Yeshua (Jesus). Yeshua in English means SALVATION. You will find Messiah's Name all through the Old Teatament.

    The Abomination of Desolation will be when Judaism does an animal sacrifice for sin, So many of the Elect, will think this a good thing.


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