13 or 14 Generations?


13 or 14 Generations?

In looking at the Genealogy of Messiah in Matthew 1:17, we find only 13 generations from the deportation from Babylon, when it says there were 14 generations .

Reading in Luke 3:23 we find Mary's husband Joseph Genealogy. Note this Joseph was the son of Eli, In Matthew 1:16 it says Jacob was this Joseph's father.

In Luke 3:23 we find Mary's Husband was the supposedly the Father of Yeshua, so we know Luke's Genealogy is Mary's genealogy showing she was from the tribe of Judah, and from King David.

Now we know Matthew's Genealogy is Mary's. And Joseph, was the father of Mary. The word used for husband in Hebrew is like saying, head of the household, that could be father or husband. Since Genealogy is speaking of births, Mary's father was over Her until She married.

 Now when you count Mary as a generation, you have 14 generation's from the deportation from Babylon till Messiah. In Matthew 1 of the Peshitta, it says,"Joseph is the father of Mary" not husband. 

Note: Luke goes backwards to Adam, the Son of God, Luke 3:38. Matthew goes forward from Abraham to Messiah, the Son of God.


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