Are You the One coming?


Are You the One coming?

Matt 11:2-5 But hearing in the prison of the works of Christ, sending two of his disciples, John said to Him, Are You the One coming, or are we to look for another?

And answering, Jesus said to them, Going, relate to John what you hear and see:

The blind receive sight, and the lame walk; lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear; the dead are raised, and the poor are given the gospel.

In that time the thought was there were two Messiah's, because prophecy's described a Conquering King and a Suffering Servant as Messiah.

John knew He was the Suffering Servant. What John was asking, are you one Messiah, or is the other one coming? Yeshua's answer to John was not yes or no. He used the Word as a witness to answer.

What Yeshua answered was Isaiah 61 Describing the Conquering


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